Sunday, June 23, 2019

June at the Royal Coachman

Its good to be back in Alaska at the Coachman!  The fishing has been great as usual, lots of high water but the fish don't seem to mind.  I just got back from our lower Nushagak king camp, the fishing for kings was hit and miss based on the numbers of fish coming by each day.  It seemed like Scott and I had our best fishing after the guests left each day, maybe partially because of the lower light.  One evening we must have landed between 20 to 30 kings!
Here are some highlights....

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Spring season

It was another successful spring steelhead season, which ended almost a month ago so this is about as late a report as I've ever posted.  It really was strong steelhead numbers all through April into early May, lots of fish to the net each day.  I'm now starting to pack for the upcoming Alaska season at my second home, the Royal Coachman!  Here are a few steelhead from the last month of the season.....