Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 25

A grizzly fishing in a local stream

June 24

An awesome arctic char caught at the headwaters of the Nuyakuk in Tikchik Lake. It measured out at 31 inches with a 15 inch girth! Great Local day of fishing with about 20 lakers caught 4 rainbows and a bunch of grayling.

June 19

Flew back to the secret pike spot and had another epic day with 4 over 40 inches! Here is Peg with a 44 incher.

June 23

Fished the Lower Nushagak River today and Caught about 12 Kings. It was a bit slower today as yesterday we did 30 kings lower on the Nush. Here is a beauty caught by Ron.


We fished in the local home water of the Nuyakuk River today. This Lake Trout was caught after it tried eating a grayling we were landing only a couple feet from the boat. We threw a leach at it after it actually grabbed the grayling (which was at least 16 inches of grayling) and it pounced on the presentation. Measured out at 30 inches. Landed about 25 lakers and about 8 rainbows up to 27 inches and countless grayling. Not a bad local day!


Fished the morning on a remote river we fly out to. We caugt close to 30 char and half a dozen bows in the morning, had a shore lunch, and then hiked to the mouth of the river for giant pike like this one for the afternoon. Another great day in AK!!

June 18

First day of clients at the Royal Coachman. Fished Pike on a remote Alaska river and stripped five inch leaches and dahlberg divers to giants like this all day. Awesome day landing pig after pig on the fly!

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 8

I've been at the Royal Coachman now for 4 days and have had one afternoon of preseason fishing and it was great! Here are a couple of bows caught right across the river from the lodge after a hard day of work on the Lodge Not a bad reward!

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 5

Fished half the day on the upper Salmon River and caught a couple of dropback steelies and lost some more. A slow day for May and a little dissapointing but a beautiful day weatherwise. Here is Dan with a dropback in Ellis Cove.