Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mid March Trips on the Salmon River

The March fishing has been hit and miss, which is not unusual for March. When the bite is on it has been great but when they are in the funky pre-spawn mode the bite is just non-existant. The fishery definitely is in good health this winter, it has overall been one of the best I've seen on the Salmon River in a few years! The future is looking bright. I've had a lot of cancellations recently due to weather downstate and illnesses so I've only been out three times in the past week and a half but here are some pix from those trips and some older photos from the winter.  Also, I have had some cancellations in early April and late March so if you are interested in booking a trip get ahold of me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Belize 2018

I couldn't be more overdue for a post, I've been slacking a bit but that usually is the case in the winter time.  So a lot has happened recently......Karen and I decided to get married elopement style while we were in Belize.  We couldn't think of a better place or way to get married and it was absolutely perfect!  Belize has always been and now always will be a very special place for us!

The fishing was also very good, mostly we chased permit but we did manage to catch some cuda, jacks, bonefish and trigger fish as well.  We fished for six days with a guide and had great shots at permit everyday.  I only had one day with the guide that I didn't have at least one permit eat.  Can't ask for more than that!  Captain Mark Ledden, a good friend, fished with me most of the time and is pictured with some of his catches as well.

As far as the fishing back on the home front in Pulaski, the fishing has been very good as well.  They had a big thaw while we were away and there is very little snow left in town.  Its an early spring here for sure.  This has been one of the best winters I have seen for steelhead and it just keeps improving, hopefully it stays the course right through May!