Thursday, July 18, 2013

Early to mid July at the Royal Coachman Lodge AK

The fishing has been good the past couple weeks especially big pike, sheefish, king salmon, chum salmon, and sockeye salmon. This past Saturday we fought a king for 3 1/2 hours that took us five river miles downstream, it broke the 8wt rod during the fight but we still managed to fight it for another half hour with half a rod. It finally broke us off after what was the most brutal, yet amazing fight I have ever been a part of in my fishing career! The fish was estimated at around 50 lbs and would have been a lodge record on a fly. I was able to touch it with the net a couple times but it never saw the inside of the net unfortunately. Also I was honored to have my friend Skeet Scoville here as a guest this week and he experienced some phenomenal fishing, I have a feeling he will be back here soon!