Sunday, May 21, 2017

Belize Heli Salt Trip

I was fortunate enough to host a trip to Belize this month.  It was a unique two part split week trip which consisted of three days at Hatchet Caye off of Placencia in Permit Alley and the second part of the week we were picked up by helicopter and flown to Punta Gorda known as the permit capital of the world.  As luck would have it we had a huge cold front come in right before we got there and the permit were not out in the numbers we're used to seeing.  We only landed two throughout the week but everyone had at least one permit eat.  Luckily we had bone fishing and tarpon fishing to make up for it.  Many of the tarpon we hooked came off prematurely either near the boat or after a few amazing jumps spitting the fly back at us in mid air.  One Tarpon was fought for almost two hours and estimated by the guide to be 150lbs only to spit the hook right by the boat.  Most of us didn't even target the bones but they were certainly there if you wanted to chase them.  It was a great group of guys, badass guides and awesome accommodations!  Can't wait to get back next year!

Late April Early May

Fishing was pretty tough towards the end of April and early May.  We worked hard for a few fish each day, not what we are used to for this time of year but we're grateful for every one of them.  We got washed out for the entire first part of May with huge water in the Salmon River.  Lots of trips had to be canceled but luckily I had a timely Belize trip during the high water.  The Belize post will follow this one.  Thanks to everyone for another successful fall and spring season, you are all much appreciated!!