Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Self Isolation Trips

I hope everyone is safe healthy and doing well!  I haven't posted anything since the lockdown but I thought I'd share some of the trout fishing I've done, mostly on my own while things were shut.  It's been a fun spring as far as exploring new water and having the rod in my hand for a change.  It definitely helped keep Jake and I active mentally and physically and opened my eyes to some cool fisheries right in our back yard!  I haven't been able to really do much of this type of fishing for non anadromous trout in the spring since before I started guiding full time.  It has definitely brought me back to my roots and helped me to rekindle the appreciation for the sport.  Its been a refreshing spring for me in spite of everything thats going on and hopefully you guys have had a chance to get out and take advantage as well.  Mixed in the photos are some rainbows, browns, steelhead, bass, and a random 41 inch tiger muskie I caught streamer fishing for browns in a local stream.