Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 20 and 21 Salmon River Steelhead

Fished the last two days with Meta and Wolfgang from Sweden again. We did the upper Salmon below Altmar both days and did well landing 12 yesterday and 6 today in half a day. Today was very cold and windy with snow flurries throughout the day so we decided to end it early and hope for warmer temps tommorrow

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19 Salmon River Steelhead

Fished the upper Salmon River today with Meta and Wolfgang all the way from Sweden. We fished a little more than half the day and landed 12 fish including one brown trout. The water is now running at 1800cfs in the Salmon River and the bite is really on

April 18 Salmon River and Tribs

Fished the Salmon River and surrounding tribs today and had a good day on the tribs and a great second part of the day on the Salmon River! Lots of hungry fish and the river level dropping were recipes for a great afternoon

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 16 and 17 Steelhead

Fished the Sandys yesterday morning and did really well in some nasty conditions. We then headed towards the Salmon River and fished some of its tribs and caught some more nice fish. Today was an even better day fishing the tribs again with all the others rivers high and unfishable. We found lots of hungry fish and landed close to 20 fish total today! Really good day!

April 15 Steelhead

Fished the tributaries today due to the high water everywhere else and did well. We landed around 10 fish and had a fun day. Some of the fish are starting to drop back now and are really aggressive which is helping as well. With all the rain coming they are raising the water in the Salmon River to 4200cfs.