Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Late June and early July at the Royal Coachman AK

We had our latest start to a season in the eight years I've been coming here, partially due to a full week cancellation, so two weeks ago was our first week of guests. I spent that week camped out on the lower Nushagak River exploring some new water for King Salmon. The first two to three days down there were good fishing but the numbers entering the river plummeted after that and the fishing was tough. We landed lots of kings, not many big fish unfortunately. However, we went there the following week for a couple hours and landed three fresh kings on the fly, the largest was about 35lbs. Its been a very warm dry spring this year with lots of forest fires around us, mostly to the north towards the Aniak and Holitna Rivers. We had Skeeter Scoville here as a guest this past week and he started off the week with an amazing day catching nearly 40 Sheefish! He caught lots of different species of fish and had a blast. Great to have him here and look forward to having him back. Fishing this week is starting off great for kings, sheefish, pike, chrome sockeye, rainbows and dolly varden. The Chum have started spawning on some of our fisheries which greatly increases our catch rate for trout and dollies. Here are some pix from the past couple weeks.