Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Steelie Trip and Striper with Stripers

The steelhead trip was about a week and a half ago and we did pretty good and saw one other angler all day. Also I was in northeast Massachusetts with Elliot Jenkins of Greasy Beaks Charters to do a little striper fishing. He was doing really well until I decided to head that way along with a nasty North-Eastern wind which put everything down including the water and air temps considerably. We still did decent getting tight on some nice stripers. My biggest, about a 32 inch striper came off right at the gunnel so I didn't get a pic, but I landed lots of fish in the low 20inch range on the fly. Here is a pic of Elliot with a beauty that went about 38 inches. The day after I left it really started picking up and fish were busting on the surface....figures, thats fishing though. I highly recommend getting in touch with Elliot if you are the least bit interested in some great striper action this summer, he really has it dialed in up there and is a pleasure to fish with! Its only going to get better from here on out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Late April Trip

Here is a post from the last three days of April I forgot to throw in there. The fishing was great everywhere we went for the most part....

Early May Steelhead Trips

Early May has continued to produce some great fishing in spite of unusually high water levels. The levels have since dropped to a manageable 750cfs which is slowing many of the drop back steelhead. However, with the water temps climbing rapidly the fish will probably start dropping at a more rapid rate back to Lake O. Here are some of the past weeks highlights...