Monday, October 18, 2021

Alaska '21

Well it was another great season at the Coachman and just good to be back in Alaska overall.  The internet was extremely slow this year and it was difficult to do posts which is why I'm so far behind. 

We definitely had ups and downs with the salmon runs.  The Sockeye runs were as good as I've ever seen, however the Chum and King runs were really poor.  Silvers were decent overall but not great.  It was great Rainbow fishing throughout most of the season.  Especially once the massive runs of sockeye started spawning.  The Char, Dollies, and Rainbows will definitely benefit from this sockeye run for at least a year or two!

I've been guiding back in NY on the Salmon River now about a week and I'll follow this post up with a more recent post soon.  

I did mostly Rainbow beats so I don't have much of a variety of species to share but here are some of our highlights...