Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 29th Steelies and Browns

My girlfriend and I had the day off so we decided to take advantage and go fishing for a couple of hours this morning. We did well landing five fish and lost three more

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27th Sandys

Fished the Sandys today and had heavy sluch ice again in the am till about 10am and then the bite really turned on rite away. We ended up landing 11 fish including some really nice fresh Browns and only lost one all day, not usual for steelhead fishing! Another really cold day though, still waiting on spring.

March 26th Salmon River and Tribs

Did some of the side channels and tribs today of the Salmon River and put on some miles walking. The weather was once again brutally cold so the walking turned out to be a good idea in keeping us warm. It also payed off as we once again landed ten fish for the third day in a row

March 25th Salmon River Steelies

Fished the Salmon River and the surrounding tribs on thursday and worked hard for the fish but did well landing ten fish. The key once again was being mobile bouncing around to many different spots throughout the day.

March 24th Steelies on the Sandys

Fished the Sandys today and the water level was perfect however the sluch ice did not go away until about 11am. Once the river was clear we did very well landing ten fish throughout the day

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 20th Salmon River Steelhead and Browns

Fished again in and around the Salmon River today and had a slow bite just like yesterday. We jumped around alot to try and cover lots of ground and it finally paid off especially in the later afternoon as we landed 5 out of the 6 fish within the last two hours of the day

March 19th Salmon River Steelhead

Fished the river again today and had a much slower day although we did land some really nice fish. The river level went up which has slowed the bite considerably

March 18th Salmon River Steelhead

Fished the Salmon River today and had a great day! The fish were very aggressive even though the water was still high and cold due to the snow melt and rain