Monday, June 5, 2023

Spring '23 on the Salmon River, Delaware River, and Belize

 Just a quick update  on what we've been up to this spring.  The spring steelhead season was another really good one!  Some days were better than others as is usually the case based on the conditions from day to day.  The steelhead fishing hung tough until May which surprised just about everyone given the early spring thaw that we had.  

Our May Belize trip went very well, ten permit landed, lots of bonefish, and a good number of baby tarpon landed.  Some very large adult tarpon were hooked but came unbuttoned unfortunately.

Only did a few trips on the Delaware this spring and it also fished well, the conditions were not ideal with low flows which consolidated many of the anglers but once the bugs started hatching it didn't seem to matter.  

Tomorrow morning Jake and I are off to Alaska for the summer, the next post will be from the Royal Coachman!  

Here's a few pics from this spring...